The BasicDCC Project

It all started as a DIY breadboard project to get my DCC locomotives running.

I originally went looking for a commercially built unit but found the analog
features not to my liking. I envisioned four simple analog throttles that
have an intuitive feel that would keep my eyes on the trains -not the buttons.

I researched the official NMRA DCC specifications and wrote firmware that
encompasses the non-propietary DCC capabilities into my BasicMega Project.
I designed it around smooth functioning controls that have a clean feel.
An added bonus is that the grandkids took to it without much coaching.

I incorporated a USB interface based on the Prolific PL2303 that allows for
updating of operating functions, CV programming and PC Train Control.

It worked out so well that I decided to have a limited quantity of prototype PC
boards fabricated. I built some and I'm offering up the design as an online

Tested with the following N Scale Decoders:

  • NCE N12A2v35
  • TCS CN
  • Lenz LE063XF
  • Digitrax DN163AO1
  • Digitrax DN163A0
  • Digitrax DN163K1C
  • Digitrax DN136

    BasicDCC Controller

This is a basic, Do it Yourself DCC Controller designed
around my BasicMega project. It is built around the
ATMega328 microcontroller and has been designed to
fit either the Hammond 1592ETCD (Hand Held) or
1599KTS (Sloped) style enclosures.

This design creates four analog DCC throttles
and the basic headlight controls. Arcade style
push-buttons are used to control the headlight.
A 16x2 LCD is used to display Direction, Speed
and Headlight status of each locomotive.

The handheld unit connects directly to it's 3amp
companion booster through a standard RJ11 telco
cord. This allows the unit to be powered from the
booster while supplying the DCC data on only
one cord.

    BasicDCC Booster

This is a DCC Booster project of basic design based
on the ATTINY-13 microcontroller. The microcontroller
DRIVE LOGIC to feed a common stepper motor driver.

Opto-isolated input protection is handled by either
a PC817 or 6N137 optocoupler

It works well with most 12-16vdc power adapters with
a rating of 700ma -3amp. I found that an adapter rated
at 700ma runs 4 Atlas N Scale locos quite comfortably.
I had 9 locos running with a 3amp source and the
L289N was just luke warm after an hour.

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